Bubble Island Bath Treats

We make handmade one of a kind soaps and bath products in small artisanal batches that reach all of your senses. When you SEE our products you say "oh that is beautiful or luxurious, or wow fun!... is that soap"? when you SMELL our products your eyes roll back and you are taken somewhere else... To a bakery, a beach, a spa, even your favorite corner coffee shop! When you use our products you TOUCH your skin you instantly know that you are doing something fabulous for yourself. We use decadent oils and butters and only the best essential and fragrance oils to make our products. And we can't forget about TASTE! No you can't taste our products! Go ahead and drool... they look good enough to eat! They smell good enough to eat! but...DO NOT EAT! Our target audience is anyone. Everyone loves to look good, feel good, and smell good!