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2020 Cold Survival Kit

2020 Cold Survival Kit


Get all of your nasal clearing and make your self feel better self care all in one box. Because now you fart to cover a sneeze, instead of sneezing to cover a fart. Welcome to 2020! 
Our cold box contains: 

  1. 1 Package of Aromatherapy Shower Pills in Cold Pill: Use as needed for relief of sinus pressure and nasal goo. 

  2. 1 Package of Aromatherapy Shower Pills in Clarity: These will open you up just like cold pills but with a different scent.
    Imagine breathing in that first beautiful frosty morning of winter. Hints of balsam fir, those dark red berries, the crisp icy scent of the air...yup...this is a beautiful thing...

  3. 1 Inhaler of Cold Pill: Simply sniff in the Cold Pill vapors through each nostril as needed. For sinus pressure and nasal goo
  4. 1 jar of Eucalyptus Mint Sugar Scrub: Air Conditioning in a jar.  Pure Essential Oil & Menthol Crystals. Detox and Calm Skin!!  For use on you face all the way to your toes.
  5. 1 bag of Mint Chip Bath Milk Shake: Our unique salt blend that is enrobed in decadent cocoa butter. Then the magic happens! We spin it up with a generous coating of our bath bomb recipe & tuck in a ton of luxurious  milk!


No substitutions.