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Aromatherapy Shower Pills

Aromatherapy Shower Pills



Simply drop one of our wonderful shower pill fizzies on the bottom of a warm shower floor or shower shelf. As the pill dissolves take some deep breaths and relax as the fizzie slowly releases its wonderful aromatherapy magic.

Alternative Use-Place one pill in a bowl of warm water and cover your head with a towel and slowly breathe in the aroma of pure essential oils.

Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Pure Essential Oils, Fragrance, Alcohol. 

Urban Cowboy: I am an Outlaw because Perfect doesn't exist. and normal is boring. For the cowboy in your life who doesn't want to take a bath, but still enjoys a nice scent. 

Cold Pill: Use as needed for relief of sinus pressure and nasal goo. 

Sleepy Pill: Use as needed to aid in a blissful nights sleep. 

Happy Pill: Use as needed for relief from the doldrums and the blues. 

Chill Pill: Use as needed for relief of Stress & Anxiety.

If you love Cold Pills you will love Clarity Pills!!
These will open you up just like cold pills but with a different scent.
Imagine breathing in that first beautiful frosty morning of winter. Hints of balsam fir, those dark red berries, the crisp icy scent of the air...yup...this is a beautiful thing...

Pep Pill: Use as needed when your get and up go has got up and went.