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Lavender Hunt Soap

Lavender Hunt Soap


Lavender Hunt handcrafted soap topped with dried flowers is just what your skin and mind need to refresh during the day! This soap will leave your skin feeling soft and clean while you take in the relaxing smell of lavender and the refreshing scent of lemon. This bar of soap was curated to leave your skin feeling moisturized but not oily. Take a moment wash away dirt and oils from your skin. Every product in my shop is 100% hand made with careful sanitary actions to comply with all COVID-19 prevention guidelines, leaving you worry free.

For every 4 bars of soap sold, one will be donated to a local women's shelter!

Dose of Good was founded in a time of need for people in need. At some point in every persons life, we have to face hardships. This company was made with the idea that paying it forward and keeping others in mind will help to make those times a little less hard. I look forward to bringing a Dose Of Good into your house!

*Please note, these products are made on surfaces that may have traces of nut based oils.*